Joseph Plaskett Award/prix de Joseph Plaskett
The Joseph Plaskett Foundation in partnership with the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts (RCA)
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2018 May 7
Plaskett and Petry Award Recipients for 2018!!

The competition for this year’s Joseph Plaskett Award and Nancy Petry Award is complete and the winners will receive their awards in Ottawa at the RCA annual General Assembly Gala on Saturday May 19 at the new Ottawa Art Gallery. The 2018 Plaskett Award will be presented to Karine Fréchette, and the Petry Award will be given to Adam Alexander Gunn. After the awards are formally given, biographies and examples of work will be posted in late May.

Thank you to the expert panel of artists: Julie Trudel, Assistant Professor at UQAM; David Elliott, Professor at Concordia University and Jennifer Lefort, Instructor at Université du Québec en Outaouais, and University of Ottawa. Each year the jury is held in a different part of Canada and this Montreal-based jury for 2018 saw many outstanding applicants. The images are always projected, and their quality is key. They were grateful to all the professors and senior artists who wrote thoughtful letters of reference. They hope all the painters who are still eligible will apply in April, 2019.

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